Monday, 21 October 2013

What Women Want

The question looms large, what women want out of men, their relationships and vice-versa. It is a tough decision to take. I read of the writing prompt for Touch Thursday on Preeti's blog and the recap of all that happened in my life in the last 3 years flashed to me. A wrong decision, lost hopes, the rebuild of my Mojo and then a beautiful beginning to a fresh new life that brought me whole lot of confidence.

Marriage is complicated and yet very beautiful. But, it is beautiful only if you settle down with someone who makes it look worthwhile and together, you find happiness that can last a lifetime. It is a widespread belief that marriage is an institution in which everyone has to make compromises and bear tantrums. To me words like compromise and tantrums are utterly negative and I would have never anyway, wanted to be an institution all my life.

Marriage is companionship, finding that one person with whom you can spend the rest of your life without any inhibitions. At the very onset, it is the connection of two hearts and rest everything falls in place. Whether, it means making compromises or what follows is sheer love, depends on an individual's perspective. It depends on the level of understanding and the maturity of the relationship. It is the selfless effort that two people put, to be in the blissful state of love ever after. It is a love that gives you a high without the hallucinogens.

Finding the perfect companion for me was never easy and my father can vouch for that. At one point of time, he lost all hopes that I would settle down in life for he believed that there existed no man whom I could fall for. But deep down, in my heart, I knew that there existed One, just One and when I meet him, the bells would start ringing just as they do in the romantic Bollywood movies.

As a woman, the primary things I wanted were:

1. Love, Love and a Lot of Love: I am a dreamer, tender and I love and care for people with all my heart. My Soul mate had to be someone who could handle a lot of love and most importantly RECIPROCATE the same. I am expressive and I am not afraid of letting the world know, how much I love someone. I wanted someone who was exactly the same.
2. Thorough Understanding:  In a relationship to battle the winds of today's materialistic and manipulative world, the most important virtue required is understanding. I wanted someone who could understand every move I make and be with me in the toughest of situations. I never would want my relationships to run the course others decide for it. It is my life and I like to take charge of myself and my actions. Likewise, I take charge of my relationships. When it comes to my life partner, I always wanted someone who was in full control of himself and who would not let the world manipulate him and his relationship with me.
3. Allow me to be myself:  No two human beings can ever be the same. There are fair chances of dissimilarities, difference in opinions and choices. Yet, true love is that which surmounts all of this. True Love allows you to be yourself. It means accepting the differences and cherishing the similarities. I wanted someone who could understand this and who had the maturity to let me pursue my dreams and desires. Marriage in no way means superimposing oneself on the other. It means complete acceptance of each other and loving the beauty of it.
4. Open Book:  The relationship between life partners is believed to be the closest of all relationships. I wanted someone who was extremely loyal and trustworthy. A person who would love me and only me. Yes, I am selfish and I am highly possessive. But I cannot and will never ever share the love of my husband with anyone else even in the remotest of possibility. So, if someone was willing to assure me that our lives would be like an open book where we had nothing to hide from each other, I would move ahead with the relationship. There should be nothing that is hidden in the relationship. I can't stand deceit, lies and treachery.

By the Grace of God, I found One and Only One Man in this world who so effortlessly fit into my frame of the perfect companion that I did not have to think twice. It was even better when he told me the same and that he found in me all that he had always wished for in a true life partner. We met and yes the bells rung out loud and clear and since then we never looked back. Each day since our first meeting, we got addicted to each other and May the Almighty let our addiction grow day on day.

And here is a glimpse of the hallucinogen and bliss of my life.

With Love,
Megha S.



  1. Nice One Megha...God Bless you both... :):)

  2. Nice one Megha...God Bless you both..:):)

    1. Thank You Sheetal.. We need every bit of your good wishes!!

  3. I have read all your posts.....n now i get to know the hidden talent....making its way and spreading its aura.!!!! very well dil se...!!!love u...n best wishes

  4. Excellent , you have written the best possible thing and yes you have experienced the same too. Loving someone is not that important , how do you define love is more important. When you define your love the right way, you will get the best out of it, as you did.
    Wishes for the love addicted life and your penship too.

  5. Hi Megha - What a heartwarming article. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep posting more and more posts. You have a flair for writing. God Bless you and your hubby. A beautiful jodi made in Heaven, who found each other on Earth. :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Prathima. Really kind of you for feeling so..